Better Sunglasses for A Better Golf Game

Summer is here and golf season is upon us. Golf challenges the eyes in very specific ways and it is a very precise game. Not all sunglasses lenses are the same quality, and you can have the best club in the world but if you not seeing your best you could be adding penalty strokes to your score card. Oakley has designed the Prizm Golf Lens to help you step up your golf game.

Ordinary lenses can magnify objects and trick your brain causing images to shift, which is not a good thing when you are trying to make a hole in one. Regular lenses can also cause eye fatigue because they corrupt lens clarity making your eyes tired more quickly.

Lens tinting is a science and art with Oakley and with their High Definition Optics (HDO) Prizm Golf Lens they create more contrast for better separation of color and they give you more depth cues to gauge distance and grass conditions. Oakley lenses offer superior clarity and precise vision allowing you to see everything placed exactly where it should be. They do this while still providing 100% UV protection and are impact resistant. Stop in to the office to see how we can help you improve your game by wearing these lenses over your contacts or having a prescription pair made.

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