Protecting Your Eyes from UV Radiation

It’s the summer months and most people are spending more time outside enjoying the warm weather and beautiful sunshine. When spending time outside in the summer we all think to protect our skin from the ultra violet (UV) radiation with sun screen or protective clothing, but do you think to protect your eyes? Exposing your … Continued

Better Sunglasses for A Better Golf Game

Summer is here and golf season is upon us. Golf challenges the eyes in very specific ways and it is a very precise game. Not all sunglasses lenses are the same quality, and you can have the best club in the world but if you not seeing your best you could be adding penalty strokes … Continued

Importance of Backup Eyewear

Do you have a high prescription?  Are you legal for driving without your glasses? If you answered no to either of these questions you should make sure to have a second pair of glasses. What if something happened to your glasses; what if they fell in the lake or the dog chewed them?  What if … Continued

Inconsistency of Generic Contact Lens Solutions

Most patients switch to a contact lens solution that is a generic/private label because they believe these solutions will work the same as the solution they were prescribed by their practitioner.   Price is also a factor; these generic /private label brands are less expensive. Here’s why these generic/private label contact lens solutions may not be … Continued

What Are Cataracts?

If you live to be old enough you will probably develop cataracts. Cataracts are the clouding of the eye’s natural lens which occurs gradually over time. Most people notice that their vision isn’t as clear as it used to be, often times resulting in problems with glare or halos when driving at night or seeing … Continued

Modo Eco Eyewear

Here at Smart Eyecare Center we are passionate about being involved in the community and have brought in an exclusive new line of eco friendly frames from a very socially conscious company based out of New York. We are proud to introduce the Modo and Eco frames which are now available in all our office … Continued

Protective Eyewear

Its baseball season again! Have you gotten your protective eye wear? Did you know how important it is to wear protective eyewear, not just during baseball, but any sport you play? Do you wear glasses and think that they will protect your eyes from injury? Eye glasses will shatter and cause more damage to your … Continued

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain is sometimes called Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS. We live in a world where our time is consumed by digital devices such as computers, tablets, and cell phones – leaving us all prone to suffering from CVS. Signs include eyestrain, headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. In addition … Continued

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