Buying a year supply of contact lenses

Buying a year supply of contact lenses is the best for everyone. Not only are you able to get a pretty travel contact case (some even with a mirror), but we are also able to have those shipped either to work or your house directly free of charge with a purchase of a year supply. Purchasing … Continued

Importance of Safety Glasses in the Home

October is home eye safety month. It’s a good time to stop and think about the conditions at home that could cause danger to the eye, and how to best prevent them, and when necessary how to take care of an eye emergency. There are many activities at home that can cause damage to the … Continued

Lens Cleaning Tips

Your glasses are the windows to your world so you want them to be as clear as possible for as long as possible. Here are some pointers on how to keep your lenses looking brand new! When you are not wearing your glasses keep them in a clean case and don’t leave them in an … Continued

Learn About High Index Lenses

Lens on the left is a traditional lens, whereas the lens on the right is a high index lens, notice the difference in thickness Lens material choice is a very important step in ordering glasses. You are most likely going to be wearing your glasses all day long and will want them to be as … Continued

Protecting Your Eyes from UV Radiation

It’s the summer months and most people are spending more time outside enjoying the warm weather and beautiful sunshine. When spending time outside in the summer we all think to protect our skin from the ultra violet (UV) radiation with sun screen or protective clothing, but do you think to protect your eyes? Exposing your … Continued

Better Sunglasses for A Better Golf Game

Summer is here and golf season is upon us. Golf challenges the eyes in very specific ways and it is a very precise game. Not all sunglasses lenses are the same quality, and you can have the best club in the world but if you not seeing your best you could be adding penalty strokes … Continued

Importance of Backup Eyewear

Do you have a high prescription?  Are you legal for driving without your glasses? If you answered no to either of these questions you should make sure to have a second pair of glasses. What if something happened to your glasses; what if they fell in the lake or the dog chewed them?  What if … Continued

Modo Eco Eyewear

Here at Smart Eyecare Center we are passionate about being involved in the community and have brought in an exclusive new line of eco friendly frames from a very socially conscious company based out of New York. We are proud to introduce the Modo and Eco frames which are now available in all our office … Continued

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