Importance of Safety Glasses in the Home

October is home eye safety month. It’s a good time to stop and think about the conditions at home that could cause danger to the eye, and how to best prevent them, and when necessary how to take care of an eye emergency.

There are many activities at home that can cause damage to the eye which cab be prevented. When working outdoors, whether it’s trimming trees, weed whacking, grinding metal, or sanding wood. All of these can pose a threat for getting a foreign body into the eye. The best way to prevent this is by wearing appropriate eye protection.  Different safety glasses options are available at your local hardware store; from something that slides over your prescription glasses to full coverage all the way around your eyes.  Smart EyeCare Center also carries a line of ANSI certified safety glasses that can be made up in your prescription.  Make sure the glasses you pick are the best ones possible for the job; different glasses protect the eyes in different ways.

In addition to the hazards of foreign bodies in the eyes there are also many household chemicals that can cause serious damage to the eye. When working with cleaners, car fluids, or other chemicals around the house wear the appropriate safety glasses and avoid situations where the chemicals can splash back into your eye.

If chemicals do get into your eye it is very important to follow the first aid instructions appropriate for the chemical, which are typically located on the label of the bottle. Follow these instructions and then give us a call to be seen.  If it is not during normal business hours it may be necessary to visit your local emergency department.  When being seen for chemicals in the eye it is helpful to bring in as much information as possible to provide accurate treatment.  If available it is always nice to have a material safety data sheet, or MSDS.

Be safe, but accidents do happen and remember that here at Smart EyeCare Center we can treat your eye emergency.

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