Inconsistency of Generic Contact Lens Solutions

Most patients switch to a contact lens solution that is a generic/private label because they believe these solutions will work the same as the solution they were prescribed by their practitioner.   Price is also a factor; these generic /private label brands are less expensive.

Here’s why these generic/private label contact lens solutions may not be a valid reason to switch.  The generic/private label formulation varies by retailer.  They can also change within the same retailer because a different supplier may be the low bid for the contract.  This means that you may be purchasing contact lens solution one month from a retailer and the next time you purchase at the same store, the solution will have a different formula provided by a different supplier.   If you had no problems with these solutions at the beginning and now have issues, it may be related to the inconsistency of the brand.

Our advice to patients is to use the brand we prescribe.   If the solution we prescribe is working, continue using it.  If you are switching because of price, you run the risk of creating unnecessary follow-up office visits to resolve any issues arising by using an incompatible lens care system and in the long run, this could end up costing you more money.

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