Insurance Changes in 2017

A new year means changes in your healthcare insurance coverage.  As premiums rise, so do yearly deductibles, changes in copays, etc.   The deductible amount is a specified amount of money that you must pay before your insurance company will pay your claim.  We understand this can be confusing.  When you are in the office and ask if a procedure is covered we may tell you it is but you end up getting a bill. This happens because your deductible has not been met causing coverage to not kick in yet.
This is why it is important to know what your insurance policy covers, if you have to meet an annual deductible each year, and if there are copays due for office visits and exams.   Do you have vision benefits under your current policy or do you have a separate vision plan?  It is important to know if you have a separate vision plan because our office may participate with your medical insurance but not your vision plan.   When calling your doctor’s office for an appointment, have your insurance information available to give the receptionist before your visit.  This gives them an opportunity to try and verify what benefits are available prior to your appointment.
Patients with Medicare Part B can expect their deductible for 2017 to increase to $183. If you have private insurance speak to your plan administrator to find out what coverage changes you may have.

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