Learn About High Index Lenses

Lens on the left is a traditional lens, whereas the lens on the right is a high index lens, notice the difference in thickness

Lens material choice is a very important step in ordering glasses. You are most likely going to be wearing your glasses all day long and will want them to be as comfortable and as attractive as possible. Luckily the Board Certified Opticians here at Smart Eye Care Center have got all the information you need and can guide you in the right direction.

Your eyeglass lenses correct your vision by bending light as it passes through your lens. The amount of light bending that needs to occur to provide good vision is written on the prescription from the doctor. The higher the prescription the thicker the prescription lenses will be, especially in regular plastic material lenses.

High index plastic lenses help bend light more efficiently which means less material is needed to correct the vision making the lenses thinner and lighter weight. They also can help reduce the way some peoples eyes appear larger through their lenses. One downside of high index material is that they reflect up to 50% more light then standard plastic lenses, causing more distractions and reducing the clarity of vision. This problem can be solved by applying a good quality non-glare coating to the lenses allowing for the clearest vision and best appearance of the lenses. If you have been struggling with lenses that seem thick and heavy stop in and see if there is anything we can do to help make you more comfortable!

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