Lens Cleaning Tips

Your glasses are the windows to your world so you want them to be as clear as possible for as long as possible. Here are some pointers on how to keep your lenses looking brand new!

When you are not wearing your glasses keep them in a clean case and don’t leave them in an environment where there could be severe temperature changes, such as a car. Lens material can expand and contract if exposed to high heat or extreme cold and that can cause a fine crackling across the front of the lens called crazing. Also try and keep your lenses away from any situation where hairspray or any chemicals may get on the lenses. They can adhere to the lens and then eat away at the coating leaving permanent spots even after it has been cleaned off.

While cleaning your lenses make sure you are using a cleaner that is appropriate. You do not want to use any harsh chemicals such as Windex or alcohol. We have lens cleaner here that will be safe to use on all types of lenses. If you purchase a bottle of cleaner you can stop by any of our locations to have it refilled for half the cost! This helps reduce the number of plastic bottles being thrown away and helps save you money! Steer clear of any paper products such as tissues and paper towels, they may seem soft to you but can leave very fine scratches on the lenses and it may appear that you are looking through fog after a time. The best thing to use is a soft, clean microfiber cloth to dry your lenses.

If you ever have questions or concerns about cleaning your glasses you can always call or stop by any one of our locations to work with one of our Board Certified Opticians, we can always give glasses a thorough cleaning ourselves or get you what you will need to do the job at home or at the office.

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