Protective Eyewear

Its baseball season again! Have you gotten your protective eye wear? Did you know how important it is to wear protective eyewear, not just during baseball, but any sport you play? Do you wear glasses and think that they will protect your eyes from injury? Eye glasses will shatter and cause more damage to your eye. Protective goggles or face masks are the best way to protect your eyes from harm. Getting hit in the eye with a ball can cause bleeding inside the eye, retinal detachments, abrasions of the cornea, and even glaucoma. All these can cause loss of vision.

It is very important to wear protective eye wear during sports such as baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, racquetball and squash. Sometimes, especially with children, the damage and loss of vision may not be found until years after the injury. Scar tissue can grow on the retina and cause vision loss. Protective eyewear made out of polycarbonate, can be made with prescriptions and also protect against UV light.

Come in and speak with one of our opticians to get more information about protective eyewear!

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