School Screenings

It is almost time for the kids to go back to school for the fall. Some pre-schools will preform a vision screening at the beginning of the school year. For the most part this will help tell you if your child is having any trouble seeing the board, teacher, or anything across the room. But these school screenings can be mostly ineffective spotting hyperopia, or farsightedness.

Most of a child’s learning is done visually, through reading, observing and practicing what they see. If a child is having trouble seeing the letters that are printed in front of them they are going to have trouble learning how to read. If a child cannot see well they may try to avoid reading, or say they don’t like to read or try to read and not really comprehend what they are reading. Also, if they are not seeing correctly they may experience tired eyes, discomfort and develop a short attention span. This can lead to delays in your child’s learning that can lead to literacy problems or behavioral concerns later in life. An early eye exam could help explain why a child if having difficulty in school.

To help your child gain the most from their education schedule an eye exam with one of our three locations to make sure that your child is set up for success. Smart EyeCare Center will do a full check of distance vision, near vision, stereo (how the eyes work together), and color vision.

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